Does tech revolution change education’s foundational goals? – President Hirshman’s latest blog post

“The changes in information technology that dominate our contemporary lives are revolutionary, and our education goals and programs must evolve.  Yet, even as we embrace new educational approaches, we reaffirm the classical liberal arts education that allows us and our students to understand the implications of these changes and how to respond so we can address our society’s challenges. This is the great opportunity that presents itself at SDSU and throughout higher education.” Be sure to read more at President Hirshman’s blog!


Attention Student Orgs!

 We have some important information for you!

The Fall 2015/Spring 2016 Student Organization Recognition Process is now open! You can access and complete the application here. Don’t forget to complete the Online Officer Orientation as well.
Before you edit your bylaws!
If you have not made any changes to your bylaws from the previous year,do not view or edit the bylaw portion of your RSO Application.
Renewal for the 2015-2016 academic year also includes the Student Organization Conflict & Identity Awareness Training (SOCIA), formerly known as the Student Leadership Diversity Training (SLDT). There are two SOCIA Training sessions that are both required for the Presidents and Treasurers listed in your RSO Application.

For more information on SOCIA Training, visit the Student Life & Leadership website.To RSVP for SOCIA Training, visit the Aztec Career Connection website. You can find the trainings through the “Events” page under the “Workshop” tab.

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Status of Online Learning – Latest Blog Post from President Hirshman

“There have been significant changes, significant progress and significant challenges in educational technology at SDSU. Embracing collaboration between our faculty, staff and administrators, continuing to experiment and changing our approaches based on the results will continue to serve our students well.” For more information regarding online courses and the impact of technology on our campus, check out President Hirshman’s latest blog post.


Many Identities – One SDSU Community

Student Life & Leadership has always aimed to build a strong SDSU Community. We aim to bring together all students through various organizations and campus events. In his latest blog post, President Hirshman discusses the importance of growing our SDSU Community. Be sure to read the blog at sdsupresident.wordpress.com to learn more!


Lessons Learned at the Family Table-The President’s latest blog post

“Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Golda Meir and Cesar Chavez were as present in my childhood as if they were sitting in our living room.  When the UFW boycotted, there were no grapes in our house.  My mother argued vehemently for a women’s right to choose long before widespread adoption of this view, and racial and ethnic disparities in health care, wealth, education, and incarceration rates were a constant focus of her concern. Unlike many, her approach was not intellectual or philosophical.  It was about action.”- President Hirshman

Learn more about the lessons President Hirshman learned from his mother and how they help him lead today in his latest blog post. 


Spring Brings New Initiatives in Research and Creative Endeavors – New Blog Post from President Hirshman

“SDSU has strong traditions in both the arts and sciences, and an innovative group of artists and scientists is taking important steps by exploring the synergies between the two.” Find out more about the ingenious way the arts and sciences are working together by reading President Hirshman’s latest blog post.


Global View Strengthens SDSU – New Blog Post from President Hirshman

“In prior blogs, I described some of the experiences of international students at our university and more about our international partners, and here I would like to talk more about why international programs are essential to our students and to SDSU’s future.”

To read the rest of the President Hirshman’s blog post, CLICK HERE

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