Top 10 Tips For Balancing Leadership and Life

Being a leader is a job in itself. It’s not as easy as many outstanding leaders make it look. It takes practice, dedication, passion; and what many may not realize, it also takes critical moments of both success as well as failure to grow as a leader. However, what makes an individual the strongest leader one can be, is knowing how to be well-balanced, and take time for themselves. As college students especially, like can get chaotic, there will be points where there are literally a million things you have to do but what matters most and what will help you push through is keeping it all level. A few tips to balancing your life as a leader include:

  1. Have confidence in your ability to lead as well as your ability to follow
  2. Define what balance means to you. know what it takes to be balanced and strive for it. Be realistic as well.
  3. Have the courage and patience to slow down and find your balance
  4. Know when to say no (which you should be saying more than you think)
  5. There is a time and place for everything. You cannot do everything.
  6. Listen just as much as you talk. Half of being a great leader is being a follower as well.
  7. Turn it ‘on’ and ‘off’. – Know when to turn it off or take that break from being in your leadership position and re-energize that drive that makes you that leader.
  8. Focus on relationships. They say as a leader it gets lonely at the top. It doesn’t have to be that way. Be communicative with people who you trust to put you in your place when its needed.
  9. Be disciplined in your ways.
  10. Sleep! Be well rested! A rested mind is a fresh mind and that’s what leads you to being able to lead being there 100% mentally.



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