Opportunities Exist


As students at San Diego State we are so lucky to have so many resources at our fingertips to take full advantage of. One of the greatest things we can do during our time here is build our resumes. Having a great resume is so much more than just work experience; it is being involved, taking leadership roles, and being active. Taking steps to be involved on campus is simple. You can utilize the resources here to find out more information and always stop in to the office. People are always around to talk and guide you in the right direction! Check out http://sll.sdsu.edu/index.html or http://as.sdsu.edu/ to see how you can get involved or stop in to the Student Life and Leadership office or Associated Students office. SDSU has numerous fraternities and sororities, cultural  groups, political organizations, and sports groups. You can find a link to all SDSU organizations at http://sll.sdsu.edu/studentorgs/index.html. All of these organizations will look great on a resume and give you the chance to be active in the community.

Being involved in all of these activities also helps in getting scholarships, and we all know having a scholarship makes life a lot easier! Finding possible scholarships is an easy process. Just go to the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships (http://starter.sdsu.edu/fao/) for a full list of potential awards based on grade level, major, etc.

As you can tell, opportunities do exist! Just get out there, be involved, and find out as much information as possible about how to improve yourself.


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