SLL Staff Spotlight: Richard Eberheart

Recently, Student Life and Leadership has had a wonderful new addition to the team. An SDSU graduate, who completed both his bachelors and masters degrees, Richard Eberheart has come back to SDSU with Aztec Pride and is now a part of the team here in the office! We are very excited to have Richard here and want to let everyone know a bit about him and what he’s bringing with him this year! But first and foremost, here’s a bit of Richard’s past that led him to this office:

Richard is originally from Rialto, CA and came to SDSU for his undergrad in 2001. While an undergraduate, he joined Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity Inc. in 2003, in which he continued to be involved even after he graduated, He currently serves as their advisor as well as the president of the San Diego Alumni Chapter. He graduated in 2005 as a communication major with a minor in psychology. Following graduation, Richard worked for a consulting firm for a few years before realizing that it wasn’t his dream. After some soul-searching combined with an experience that made him realize how big of a positive influence he could be on youth, he found his passion and drive to further his education and seek a different goal. He came back to SDSU in 2009 as a graduate student in the school counseling program. Looking back at his past, Richard says that for whatever reason, going through Grad school at the time he did, “it happened when it was supposed to happen.” He recently completed, and graduated from the program this May 2011 and jumped right in to working with organizations such as Gear Up, Upward Bound, and other college-bound programs geared toward underrepresented students.

His newly found dream was to reach out to students in need of mentoring, counseling, and guidance, and be that difference in their lives. Keeping in contact with people here on campus after Richard graduated, his hard work paid off when he was given the opportunity to put his passion and drive to use in our office as an Assistant Student Life Advisor. He says Student Affairs is a perfect opportunity to work with college students, and actually be a part of the student life scene and not just behind the curtain. Richard’s goal is to keep the environment in the office warm and welcome in an effort to reach out to student organizations and help in any way possible. He wants to be the best resource he can be for organizations and encourages students to come on in, say hi and know that they can seek him as a resource for just about anything student organizations could possibly need.

Come on in to Student Life and Leadership and get to know Richard for yourself!


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