Preparing For Your Future

Everyone has asked themselves this question at least once. What am I going to do after college? For some students, they already have plans and know what they want to do and that’s great! But for the majority of students, they have no clue on what to do after college and upon entering the “real world.” We hear everywhere that failure to prepare is preparing for failure and that is 100% true. So while in college, gain as much experience as you can, start networking with individuals in your field, and start looking for jobs before you graduate!

Experience is an important trait that employers look for in potential employees.  Let’s face it – experience matters; employers want team members who will know what they are doing.There have been cases where an employer chose an experienced candidate who had a lower degree rather than a candidate who had a higher degree but no experience. Bottom line is that you can learn everything about something but if you don’t have experience working with it, what good does it do you?

Networking with individuals is another key factor in planning for your future. According to a recent study, when college students were asked if they could do anything all over again or what would they have done differently, their answer was that they would have networked a lot more. The key reason being that in college you have the possibility to meet a lot of potential employers through job fairs, career fairs, clubs, orgs, and on campus. Being able to network with future employers before you even graduate gives you a higher chance of landing a job right after you get your diploma. Who knows who you will meet by just going to a career fair or joining an organization on campus because they might be able to give you a job later down the line.

Lastly, looking for jobs before you get out of college is a must. Whether its internships or real-world jobs, applying to them even before you received your degree only benefits you. Not only will you be ahead of everyone in your graduating year, it shows employers that you are a good candidate because you are serious about getting a job right away. Even if a company isn’t hiring, it’s a good idea to still to let them know you are interested in applying for them because who knows, they might have an opening one day and you could be the next person they hire, all because you let them know in advanced.

So take what you’ve learned and get out there! College is a great place not only for learning but to prepare for your career once you graduate. It’s as simple as joining a club.


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