Building Cohesive Teams

Cohesive teams out perform a star individual any day, no matter what the purpose of the team is. Here are ten tips on how to build and maintain a cohesive team;

  1. The team should establish a common goal that each team member is progressing towards, while at the same time working on their individual roles at an exceptional level. 
  2. It’s necessary that the team is able to take responsibility for any and all criticism that may come their way.  More than likely if one person feels a certain way, others do as well.  It is up to the team to find out and understand why the criticism is being made.
  3. The team must push through the hard times.  There will be mistakes, criticisms and large workloads, but cohesive teams persevere.  It is said that, “It is not the destination, but the journey”.
  4. Give the team time, especially if it is new.  It takes time to learn how to work together as a team.  The bumps in the road and hard times will only improve the communication and relationships of the team members. 
  5. Have the mentality of “We” instead of “Me” when working in teams.  If the team can work together and balance each other out, it will be much easier to help and improve on the individual and in turn improve the team as a whole.
  6. Don’t be afraid to point out errors, opposing viewpoints, or provide an alternative method/idea.  It is important that communication is open between all team members.  This will allow for better group decision making and problem solving.  As we all have heard before “Two brains are better than one”.
  7. Make sure each person has the opportunity to make a major contribution.  With each contribution comes a feeling of accomplishment which will motivate not only the team member but the team as a whole to keep going. 
  8. Make sure people are rewarded.  A simple high five will go a long way in keeping someone’s morale up.  If morale is high, the team will share in the feelings. 
  9. Make sure the people have a significant opportunity to learn.  Not only is this important for each person but for the whole team to be able learn and grow.  Little or no growth is never good for long term teams.
  10. Establish some team pride!  If there is a feeling of pride in something, there is a sense of belonging.

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