Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter

Tips for using social media in your organizations and personal development.

Online social media has become the biggest thing since the invention of the computer.  Sites such as Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin allow people all over the world to connect with one another.  One of the closer benefits of sites like these is that they allow organizations to better publicize themselves and their members.  It allows for better communication, involvement, and collaboration.  Here are some tips to help further develop your organization.

  1. Establish who you are and what you are about.
  2. Be careful of what is posted on your media sites.  Everything on there is a representation of your organization.
  3. Have a member of your organization be solely responsible for managing what goes on them or use sites such as Hootsuite to control all of your social media at once.
  4. Update, update, update.  The best way for everyone to know what your organization is doing is to keep your sites updated with the most current information and events.
  5. Keep searching for new followers and members.  The friend of a friend of a friend can potentially be your best member if they were to get involved.

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