Aztec CORE Leadership Retreat

Aztec CORE Leadership Retreat

Let’s get away! Pack your sleeping bag and bring a jacket, we’re going camping!

We’ll provide the cabin and the s’mores, you bring the fun.

Apply online today!

Join us this January for a three day off-campus retreat focused on developing student leaders! At Aztec Core, you’ll have an opportunity to learn alongside peers and enjoy engaging workshops and events, all while camping! The goal of this retreat is to experience the value of relationships and reflection  as important components of leadership!

This is an incredible opportunity for SDSU students, student organizations and groups. We recommend selecting two or three members from your group to apply for a spot at Aztec CORE.  Let’s get together for a weekend and explore leadership styles, campus issues and build community with one another.

Dates: January 6-8, 2012

Visit us on Facebook under “SDSU Student Life & Leadership” to view pictures from last year’s retreat.


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