Gift Giving Ideas for College Students

Gift Giving Ideas for College Students

Don’t let the “poor college student” excuse come out again this holiday season.
Here are some great gift ideas that will fit even the tightest of budgets.

 For Dad

  • Keep it simple and give dad a coupon for a lunch or coffee out with you to redeem at his convenience. He will appreciate the fact that you want to spend time with him and catch up.
  • Head over to the bookstore and get him an SDSU Dad sweatshirt! There are even coupons in the SDSU planner that can cut off some of the cost.

For Mom

  •  Take a picture of yourself in front of a scenic place on campus. Put the picture in a frame and you have a present that might help with how much your mom is missing you while you are away.
  • Cook dinner for your family one of the nights that you are home for Winter Break. Your mom is sure to appreciate the night off.

 For Siblings

  •  Invite them to spend a weekend with you at school! They will love the experience of being on campus and you can catch up with them on their life since you’ve been away.
  • Sports equipment is a practical gift that can be as expensive or inexpensive as you would like. Maybe even check out the bookstore for equipment that is SDSU themed.

 For Friends

  •  If you have a friend that is a little on the quirky side, a gift basket filled with things from the dollar store is always bound to turn out interesting.
  • Have money left to spend on your meal plan? Stock up on your friend’s favorite candies and give them do her for a very sweet present.
  • Have a white elephant exchange and include all of your friends! This way you can set a dollar limit on gifts and you only have to purchase one present.

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