Guest Blogger: My Path to Leadership


As students, your voice is important to us!
This blog post was provided to us by a current student. ENJOY!

Coming into San Diego State University (SDSU) my freshmen year of college, I was determined to do something different. Contrary to what you might think, I didn’t want to make a difference, be a voice that was heard on campus, have a significant impact on the campus community – or even, for that matter – contribute to the campus community. I came to SDSU with the mindset that I was going to try as hard as I was to be a college student, and just that. I didn’t want to do anything more than go to class, get passing grades, and graduate. It wasn’t that I didn’t have the abilities or wasn’t qualified to do any of the above mentioned things; it was just that I thought I had done them all before.

In high school, I jumped at every chance to become involved. Throughout my academic career I held offices such as Junior Class Treasurer, Senior Class Treasurer, Executive Student Council Treasurer, Vice President of Business Partnerships for the DECA Association, and President of the National Honor Society on top of being a Varsity letter athlete in soccer. I had participated in Concert Choir and competed regionally and state-wide every year. At graduation, I was recognized with honors in being in the top 10% of my graduating class. I volunteered for almost every opportunity that presented itself to me to excel and by the time I had applied and been accepted to college, I told myself that I needed some time for myself. I was burnt out, and done.

When I first moved on to the SDSU campus I tried my hardest to ignore the presentations that the RA’s gave about getting involved and finding your niche. No matter how many times they us that there is an organization or activity out there for everyone, I was not having it. It was not until some of my newfound friends had encouraged me to sign up for Greek Life recruitment that I was even mildly intrigued by anything that student organizations had to offer. It might have been because Greek life wasn’t available in high school and was strictly a collegiate experience; or it might have simply been that I finally realized that giving back, volunteering, and becoming involved in something that I knew would better myself was a personal trait of mine that I could never escape.

Now, after four years of being involved on the SDSU campus, I am pleading to any open ears that the best thing that you can do for your academic career and beyond is to get involved in an extracurricular organization or activity. Not only will it challenge you academically to hold yourself to a higher standard, but it will teach you things beyond what any course could offer. After a year of holding the office of President for my Greek organization, I have learned more about interpersonal relationships, managerial skills, and my own communication, motivation abilities and personal drive than any essay or exam could have presented to me. As a graduating senior, I am envious of those just beginning their journey and know that without getting involved, I would not have the enriched and fulfilled experience that I now can say is forever mine to hold.


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