SDSU Leadership and Diversity Summit: from an attendee’s perspective

SDSU Leadership and Diversity Summit
from an attendee’s perspective

 Student Life and Leadership along with Office of Intercultural Relations puts on an annual Leadership Summit focused on Leadership and Diversity in today’s world. This is a one day event with many key-note speakers, of which include the University President Dr. Hirshman, Dr. Kitchen, the Vice President of Student Affairs, and many others. This is an invaluable experience to relate today’s real world problems with lack of leadership and other issues to the future leadership of our world. We are the future of our world and this Leadership conference not only allows you to become aware to the many modern issues today but also gives you insight from professionals as well as workshops to give you the tools to be a more diverse and aware leader today. From personal experience, the Leadership summit has always been jam-packed, with tickets to the event being sold very rapidly. The key-note speakers are truly inspiring and the workshops are invaluable leadership lessons to be put into action every day.

The theme this year is “Differences Affirmed: Making an Impact in Our Global Community.” Don’t miss out on this wonderful experience! Go onto Student Life and Leadership’s website, click on the link for the Summit, its not too late! Get registered and we will see you there! 


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