It’s sustainable! It’s green! You know it, its time for GreenFest 2012, that wonderful time of the year when all SDSU students come together to participate in a week filled with sustainable fun.  This year GreenFest starts on April 22nd and ends April 28th, but don’t underestimate how much fun you can have during that time.  If you are interested in getting your organization involved in the competitions make sure you fill out an application later this semester.  Or if you are looking forward to the festival at the end, move quickly when the time comes because last years festival activity, which held over 8,000 people, sold out in five days. 

Just as a heads up here is a quick look at the events for the week:

Sunday, April 22

  • GreenFest’s Earth Day 5K Run/Walk

Monday, April 23,

  • Know Your Food Campaign: Meatless Monday
  • Bike Brunch
  • GreenFest Fashion and Music Awsards

Tuesday, April 24

  • Known Your Food Campaign: Tableware Tuesday
  • Sustainable Taco Tuesday
  • SDSU Takes Over the Ball Park

Wednesday, April 25

  • Know Your Food Campaign: With Beaven Wednesday
  • GreenFest Live Art Show
  • Green Lunch Bag Series & Enviro-Film Festival
  • In Conversation with Collin Beavan, the “No Impact Man”

Thursday, April 26

  • SDSU Farmer’s Market
  • Know Your Food Campaign: Thriving Economy Thursday
  • e3’s Enviro-Business Faire
  • Sustain Your Roots
  • Aztec Chef Competition

Friday, April 27

  • Know Your Food Campaign: Freelance Friday
  • SDSU Green Challenge

Saturday, April 28

  • GreenFest Festival


(Events, times, and locations are subject to change until final approval.)

With all the top organizations on campus competing for some amazing prizes and an unforgettable performance by a one of a kind artist to finish off the week, why not participate?


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