These Hands Don’t Hurt


Dear SDSU affiliated organization:

My name is Julie-Anne Brou and I am the 2011-2012 San Diego State University Homecoming Queen. I have won this amazing honor in part because of my involvement with work pertaining to intimate partner violence, or IPV for short. As part of my duties as Homecoming Queen, I, along with the Homecoming King, Levi Lentz, need to plan and execute a community outreach event. With the help of wonderful organizations such as yours, we are planning the First Annual “These Hands Don’t Hurt” violence awareness and prevention fair during National Sexual Assault Awareness Month on April 10th from 10:00am-3:00pm.

Each year there are several informational fairs present on campus. Missing from these is a fair to raise awareness of the real issue of IPV. Approximately one in three female college students and one in five male college students reported that a friend had an IPV experience. This is something that we would like to combat; our informational fair is going to be geared towards decreasing this statistic.

The Bureau of Justice Statistics reported that individuals between the ages of 20 to 24 are at the highest risk to commit nonfatal IPV. The major reason that this is perpetuated is because of the lack of knowledge of the breadth of this issue. There are multiple research studies that have reported that increased daily stress and lack of social support are related to higher levels of IPV, especially among college students. .

We are aiming to have at least 20 SDSU affiliated organizations participate in the fair, with all organizations being invited. If your organization has a vested interest in IPV prevention, such as a mission statement or an annual event that you put on related to IPV, we would love for you to participate in the fair to recruit members of your organization and raise awareness about IPV prevention. We will also be having a “Fun Zone” that is open to all organizations. The only requirement of this is to make a participation event that will raise the excitement level at the fair. If you choose to participate, your organization would receive the following at the event: one table with a canopy and two chairs.

While participating in the fair, you will be able to hand out any information relating to your organization and recruit students to be members. The fair will be no cost to your organization, however there will be no pay for your participation and university rules prevent you from selling anything on campus. Even with these limitations, it is a great way to get your name out about your organization and spread the word about this large issue afflicting college students. Additionally, we are currently working with the University to allow your organization to accept cash donations.

If you are at all interested in participation, please RSVP by March 7th to Please do not hesitate to email us if you have any questions about the event or would like clarification about anything.

Thank you,

Julie-Anne Brou & Levi Lentz



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