AS Elections!

It’s back!  The Associated Student (AS) elections have returned once again to San Diego State Campus.  If you do not know what Associated Students is don’t worry because here is your answer.   The Associated Students is a representative body for over 34,000 San Diego State University students.  Each representative is made up of elected representatives from every college as well as specific on campus organizations and is responsible for making decisions for the students on behalf of the students.  Starting March 2nd after 4:30pm campaign signs will be posted up all over campus marking the start of AS campaign season and end of winter.  Shortly after that there will be a candidate debate on March 6th from 12:00pm-1:00pm in front of Hepner Hall, where the discussion will undoubtedly get a little controversial.   If there is one day not to miss it is the candidate debates.  During the week and a half after campaigning begins it’s important for everyone to make their best effort to know who and what you’re voting on.    If for some reason you feel as if you do not know all that much about the candidates, pick up a Daily Aztec and read all the candidate statements.

Last but definitely not least, make sure you vote.  In order to have your voice heard make sure that at some point during March 12th-15th you log on to Webportal and vote for who you think will best represent you and your concerns.  To finish off this years election they will announce the winners on March 15th at 8pm.  Where the winners will jump for joy at the opportunity to represent you and help the University grow.


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