AS General Elections!

AS General Elections are March 12-15! Be sure to vote on WebPortal during these dates!

Campaigning begins on Friday, March 2 at 4:30 pm. Historically, candidates for AS elected positions like to come to student organization meetings to promote their candidacy.

Org. Presidents- if you would like to invite the candidates for AS Executive Officers and/or colleges to your student organization meeting, please email Jennifer Esquivel-Parker, the Elections Advisor, the following at

  • The name of your group
  • Where and when you meet and the specific date you are inviting the candidates to your meeting.  Again be aware that the candidates can ONLY visit between March 2 after 4:30 pm and Thursday, March 15.
  • The name and contact information of who they should reserve their visit with
  • What if any materials they should bring with them
  • How long they will be given to speak
  • And the date they need RSVP to the contact by

Once you send Jennifer this information, she will send it out to all the candidates in the categories you are inviting (ie. Executive Officer category vs. college rep. candidates). It will be each individual candidate’s responsibility to respond to you directly.

Candidates may RSVP to you before March 2; however, they are not permitted to campaign before then. Please contact Jennifer if any clarification on what constitutes campaigning is needed.

Again, please send your emails to me at:

Please consider inviting candidates to your meeting and remember to VOTE anytime between March 12 at 8 am through March 15 at 7 pm on WebPortal!


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