The Green Campus Energy Efficiency Summit 2012

Guest Contributor: Sarah Tuley

In late January Green Campus interns flew up to Berkeley for a rigorous three day training. During this training each member had a chance to receive training on their current Green Campus position, do various hands on activities, and network.

The first day the interns participated in trainings designed to aid them in their various positions on the team, such as Treasurer and Team Manager. Our new hire, Jake Knighton, also had the chance to be trained on several new intern tactics to prepare him for the many upcoming projects that the SDSU Green Campus Interns have planned for the Spring 2012 semester. GCP team manager, Carlos, gave a well informed presentation on our California Conservation Corps audit training. Out of all 16 GCP schools three campuses were chosen to present on one project that was successful, and SDSU was one of those three campuses! Green Campus also showcased a poster that we made on our California Conservation Corps audit training which presented pictures and details on the project. During this poster showcase Carlos gave an elevator speech on the poster and the other interns had a chance to walk around and look at the other campuses project posters. All posters and elevator speeches were judged by a panel and one overall winner was chosen. During the Green Campus Summit, the interns had a chance to find several new project ideas and interact with other students from various campuses. Interacting with students from other campuses was essential in the Summit because the interns were able to ask questions about what companies look for in a resume and during an interview.

Overall, the 2012 GCP summit was highly informative and interactive. The interns felt that they learned a lot and now they have many project ideas that they are excited to move forward with this semester!


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