NEW FEATURE available for Student Organizations!

A new feature is now available for Recognized Student Organizations (RSO’s)! If you are an officer of your organization, you can now upload you your membership roster into your RSO on-campus recognition application! This will make managing your membership, verifying individual members’ status within the organization, and officer transitions, much easier. This also enables your RSO to keep a historical record of organization alumni.


Lastly, by tracking which students have been a part of your organization through the online system, your members will be able to have a record of what they were involved in throughout their collegiate career and the leadership positions they held during that time. In the near future this record, called a Co-Curricular Transcript, will be available for students to access and utilize, similar to an academic transcript.



Taking advantage of this opportunity is easy. If you are an officer of your organization, follow these simple steps:


1)      Create a list of RSO members (If they’re a SDSU student, a list of Red ID numbers is required).

2)      Log in to the RSO system with your Red ID number:

3)      If you are the officer of multiple organizations, select the one that you would like to edit


4)      Select “Update Membership Roster”


5)      Add members to the roster with their Red ID numbers, or if they are a non-SDSU member, use their first and last name.


6)      Click the “Add Member” button after each new submission

  1.  **NOTE** Clicking “Return” will clear your text box without submitting the entry

7)      Once the roster is up to date, log-out of the system




If you have any issues when updating your roster, please contact the Student Life & Leadership front desk staff for assistance (619) 594-5221.


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