Check it out: Peer Leadership Consultants

Have you ever heard of PLCs and wondered who they were, or what PLC stands for? Well, you’re in luck! PLCs are a group of student leaders who are trained on presenting a variety of leadership and team building workshops. They provide services, programs and resources necessary for positive leadership growth and development of SDSU student organizations and other on-campus student groups. Many PLCs are recipients of the Rising Star Scholarship and the Vice President of Student Affairs (VPSA) Scholarship. In addition to presenting workshops, PLCs are a great resource for those seeking more information on how to get involved, as well as organization advising.

The main objective of PLCs is to present workshops for student groups. A variety of workshops are offered and can be requested by any recognized student organization or student group. Workshop request forms can be found in the office of Student Life & Leadership, as well as online at under the “leadership and community service” tab. Requests must be submitted no less than 2 weeks prior to the presentation date. Some of the most popular workshops offered are “Breaking the Ice,” “Time Management,” “True Colors,” and “Getting Involved at SDSU.” For more information and a complete list of workshops, stop by the office or check out our website!


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