How To: Submit an Event on the Event Approval System

Having trouble planning an event? Well, Student Life and Leadership has made this process easier than it once was. We have switched the event approval form over to being made available online. We are going to walk you step-by-step to help you fill out an Event Approval Form and what you need to do once you complete the form. Begin by jumping on to our website, and clicking on student organizations tab in the upper left-hand corner. On the screen that comes up, in the top right hand corner, there is another link that says, “On-Campus event Approval Process.” A few things to keep in mind before filling out an EAF:
Must be at least two weeks in advanced (NO EXCEPTIONS)
Does not need to be completed for regularly schedule organization meetings
– If you are simply tabling, please just fill out the EAF but you DO NOT need to print it out upon completion, sign it by an advisor and bring it in to SLL. This step is done for everything else besides simple tabling.

Begin the application process and fill out the things asked.
– event name
– event description
– attendance, open to whom?
– organizer’s telephone and additional comments

If you have facility requests, be sure to “add facility” (YOU are responsible for getting facilities reserved i.e classroom requests, open space requests, etc. on your own)

Next, walk through the list of logistics that are being asked of you and click on the pencil to the left to edit any details or answer any questions applicable to your event.

If dealing with food, section 5, be prepared to contact aztec shops in regards to food as it is required to go through them for approval of any foods at any events on campus including meetings or tabling.

Once you have completed the information needed on the form, hit submit, print out what is produced and have it signed by your advisor and bring it in to Student Life and Leadership to meet with one of our advisors and before you know it, you will be on your way with an event!


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