Student Reflection: Leadership and Diversity Summit

This year’s annual Leadership and Diversity Summit was an amazing success! It was definitely a must-go-to event. Looking back on the summit, it was definitely the right choice in going. From the key note speakers, to the diverse workshops, right down to closing ceremony, the day couldn’t have gone any better. The day began with inspiring opening speeches by Dr. Kitchen and Director of Student Life and Leadership, Randy Timm. This year the summit was a mix of the previous years Leadership Summit as well as the Diversity conference which made it quite the unique experience. The workshops ranged from how to deal with diversity in today’s world to how to work with different leadership styles in life.

Looking back on the day, what came about from the conference was being empowered to take what was learned that day and not only apply it to our lives where it fits but to share what was learned, to spread this leadership, this movement for diversity and empower others to know what we learned that day. Being surrounded by other student leaders made that much of an impact. Communicating and networking with other passionate student leaders who were there for the same reasons as myself made it all the more worth going. Connections have been made, networking has blossomed from just one day of being a part of something bigger than myself. The Leadership and Diversity summit gave me the tools I need to be able to take back to my own student organization, to my friends, even to my family and put those lessons to use. It was motivating in a sense where I know I can make a difference in my organization, and empower others to do the same. If you missed out on this wonderful opportunity this year, not to worry! As long as you look out early enough next year, be sure to RSVP early in advance next year for this extraordinary experience and learn to be the change you want to see.


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