Don’t know what to do with your old “Un-smart” cell phones? WE can use them!!

Did you know 500,000 cell phones are discarded in the United States every day and pollute the environment with tons of plastic and dangerous toxins?

The Physician’s Assistant Student Association would like to invite you, the SDSU student body and faculty, to participate in our Hopephones collection drive. For the month of March, we will be collecting all those old cell phones collecting dust and taking up valuable drawer space in your homes. Through the HopePhones organization, we are able to donate your used phones to recycling centers, where the parts and raised funds are used to purchase medical devices for developing countries such as Malawi, Nepal, and Congo.

HopePhones and Medic Mobile are non-profit organizations seeking to advance rural healthcare networks in the developing world by implementing sustainable, appropriate technologies with mobile phones. Cell phones help patients and community health workers connect to clinics for emergency care, medicine, maternal care, and infectious disease support.

We take ANY phone – working or not, and we don’t need chargers or accessories. All data is erased through a certified and secure process.

If you have any used phones, please don’t throw them away! Help us improve global healthcare and stop by one of the following drop box locations:

Pre-Professional Health Advising Office- GMCS 323

Student Life and Leadership- Student Services West 1661

ENS Advising Department– ENS 351

Business Advising Department- EBA 448

For more information please visit the website at:  OR


Please Contact:

Lindsey Morris –

& Ruth Aguilar –


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