Lao New Year Celebration


The Lao New Year Celebration for 2012 is this upcoming Saturday from April 7 & 8. The festival provides an opportunity for the Lao American community to promote a deeper understanding of their traditions and people, present a uniquely Lao American identity, and to share the rich Lao cultural heritage. The program includes an Angel of Mercy Parade, cultural entertainment, art exhibits, and traditional Southeast Asian food vendors. You can also enjoy international and Lao classical dances, live bands, sports tournament competition and experience the ceremonial Lao New Year’s rites of passage. Lastly, one of the main spectacle to see every Lao New Year festival is the Miss Lao Pageant. Ten beautiful young ladies go up on stage and impress the crowd and the judges with their talents and answers through out the day to win the crown. Admission for the festival is $3.00 for all ages and the location is at the Market Creek Plaza between Market street and Euclid Avenue. If you would like to see more, follow the link. Happy Lao New Years Aztecs.


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