Getting Ready For Summer

Getting Ready For Summer


As the semester starts winding down, everybody starts doing something.  No matter what you choose start planning early, you never know what opportunities might open up.  So if you are wondering what to do over summer look no further.  Here are a few things that can possibly point you in the right direction.

 Summer School

What better way to start off the summer than with more school.  Although it might not be the most exciting thing to think about or do, sometimes it is necessary.  These days, going five years in college isn’t out of the ordinary. However if you are planning on graduating in four years summer school would be your best bet without overloading your schedule during the semester.  If you’re wondering where to start for summer classes the academic advising office is always open with minimal wait time during the middle of the semester.


Probably the most advised option for summer would be to get an internship.  Nothing will help you more after you graduate than having one of these under your belt.  Not only does it give you experience but some networking opportunities as well.  Taking on an internship can be a daunting task, but SDSU has a solution.  If you need some help looking into an internship take a trip over to Career Services.  They have free programs and tools to help anyone succeed in obtaining an internship.  From resume workshops and advising to an internship database.

Preparing for next year

It never hurts to plan ahead, so why not prepare for the next year.  Looking for housing and planning your classes early is key to a calmer semester.   The best houses, for both price and looks, tend to be rented the quickest.  So looking early will help you get what you want in on or off campus housing.  While you’re doing that you might as well plan for what classes you would like to take with a.  That way when it comes time to register for classes it’s a simple click of a button and you’re done.

Get a little R&R

There is nothing wrong with just staying home or going on vacation for summer.  Everyone needs some time to recharge their batteries.  As long as you are staying productive throughout the summer, some fun is a must.

Get a Job

Get a job you say!  Yes, a job can not only help you financially for the next year but with valuable work experience.  You never know what can come up during the school year that could cost a pretty penny, such as spring break.  The other benefit of a summer job for some people is the knowledge that during the semester they do not have to work, which allows them to open up their schedule for more classes or some extracurricular activities.




-SDSU Student Life & Leadership Blog Writer


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