A.S. Exec: A Day in the Life

AS Exec: A Day in the Life

Associated Students of SDSU

Associated Students. We hear about it and maybe have an idea about what it is, but do we really know what it is they do? Every Wednesday, we see students walking around campus wearing red polos with the AS logo, but for what purpose? Today we take a look into the life of one of those polo-wearing students. Her name is Mina Azim and she is the current Vice President of University Affairs for the Associated Students at SDSU. Mina has been involved in associated students for years, serving as the Events Commissioner within the AS President’s Cabinet from 2009-2011. This year, she has been working tirelessly with one overarching goal in mind – to positively impact as many SDSU students as possible.

We now take a look at Mina’s daily routine, and what it is really like being an AS Executive Officer. I was surprised to find out that almost every day she is either in a meeting or in the office working by 8am. “My day starts and usually continues with meetings until around 5pm, with a few classes in between each day. Once my day is over, I head back to beautiful Pacific Beach and relax for a little, then go to the gym, and then head back home to finish with some more Associated Students work and homework.” Like all of the Execs, Mina is juggling a full-time job and school, while also trying to keep sane and have some sort of a social life. Mina explains being an exec as “an amazing opportunity to develop as a leader and professional, all while representing and advocating for the best interest of the students. At times it can be very challenging and time-consuming, but at the end of the day the positive impact you can have on the students makes it very gratifying and worthwhile.”

You may be wondering what being the VP of University Affairs entails. As the VP of University Affairs, Mina is the Chief Academic Officer for Associated Students. She works heavily with the University Senate, pushing initiatives and creating change at a very high level. “When I first started my position, I was surprised to learn how long it can take for initiatives to get accomplished because of the numerous channels and individuals things have to go through. Fortunately, there are a number of talented and dedicated students that ensure these initiatives are accomplished and are successful, such as the installation of the Bicycle Lane and the Online Syllabi Policy Change.” It seems as if every single thing that Mina is doing as an AS Exec always comes back to working for the students. Her favorite part about being an Exec is the chance to make a positive impact on SDSU students. Her least favorite part is the limitations that may prohibit that positive change. Mina is extremely passionate about her job, Associated Students, and doing everything in her power to make the SDSU experience a memorable and rewarding one.

“Being an AS Executive Officer or being involved in Associated Students in general is an amazing opportunity to develop as a professional and a leader. It is also a truly amazing experience to have a positive impact on the lives of so many students on campus. You really get to learn about yourself as an individual and learn what you want to become later in life.” Thank you Mina Azim, for letting us take a peek into your life for a day.


Written by Jasmin L. Jakobsen


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