Arnold’s 6 Secrets to Success

Arnold’s 6 Secrets to Success

He may not be the most popular guy on the radar anymore but Arnold Schwarzenegger does have some valuable principles we could learn from him regarding success. And you have to admit, the guy did have a pretty successful career. So, what were his secrets to success? We’ve got them written out and summarized for you to take a look at and integrate these aspects into your life to help you make those changes for a more successful self. Along with it, there’s a link at the end to the post toArnold’s speech on the 6 secrets.

His first key to success is: Trust Yourself

He says, “Dig deep down and ask yourself, who do you want to be? Not who does your professors and parents and friends want you to be? But who do you want to be? What makes you happy?” He makes a valid point here. Too many people are held to expectations of other people. They are put on this path that was written out for them by others, not themselves. So ask yourself, who do you, not everyone around you, want to be? And start from there.

Break The Rules:

His point here is this, “Is it possible to be creative and come up with something new of you are too well-behaved and don’t break the rules?” you have to be creative, think outside the box, be bold and innovative, and not following the norms of society or the roles we are expected to follow. Why? We weren’t put on this earth to be just like everyone else. There wouldn’t be much purpose to our lives if we weren’t meant to be original and find our own ways of success.

Don’t Be Afraid of Failure:

You have got to be willing to fail. Definitely strive to win, and having the mindset of being successful but you also have to have faith in what you are doing. Having faith also means you have to be willing to fail. You can’t be afraid of making decisions because those are what move you forward. You can’t be afraid to fail because then you won’t push yourself. You have to believe in yourself and in your vision. And if you do those things, then success will come your way.

Ignore The Naysayers:

Too many people in society say no. they doubt innovation, doubt those who want to create something new or change something that is. Too many people say it can’t be done. But the only way anything has ever been done is because people have said it wasn’t possible and those go-getters have proven them wrong. So be a go-getter, ignore the naysayers and want to be the person who is the first to ever do something. Have that competitive mindset and get it done!

Work Your Butt Off:

Arnold emphasizes this rule as by far the most important. It is difficult for sure but without this step, the others do not work. “Leave no stone unturned” is the metaphor he uses for this secret to success. He gives us an inspirational story about Mohammad Ali and how he measures hard work. “No Pain No Gain” is the mindset both of these men have. And to further that, Arnold makes it a point that while you’re out horsing around and partying, there is someone else out there working harder, getting smarter, and someone is always winning when your not. There is no way around hard work.Arnold’s way is this: you sleep 6 hours, you’ve got 18 hours left to do work. Make the most of it. That extra 2 hours is 2 hours wasted and never gained back.

Giving back:

Lastly,Arnoldties it all in by making it a point that everyone should give back. Find the time to give something back, whether it be for your community, state or even country. “Reaching out brings you back satisfaction more than anything else you’ve ever done” saysArnold. That’s what truly matters, is giving back.

So there you have it,Arnold’s six secrets to success. Now It’s just up to you whether you’re willing to follow those guidelines and words of advice and create your own success! And to hear his speech on the six secrets, click on the link below.

Blog written by Sahar Osmani


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