Renew Your RSO on May 1st!

Renew Your RSO on May 1st!

Hey student leaders, if you haven’t already heard, Recognized Student Organizations (RSO’s) must renew their recognition status with Student Life & Leadership at the end of every school year. This ensures that student organizations on campus are current and accurate. The good news is that on May 1st, student organizations will be able to re-apply again to be recognized for the 2012-2013 school year. Re-applying for recognition is easy and we’ll help you through the steps.

First. Log on to SLL.SDSU.EDU

Second. Click “Start or Renew Organization”

Third. “Click Online Student Organization Recognition application

After that simply follow the steps.

Being a recognized organization on campus has many benefits such as being able to rent equipment from SLL, being able to easily reserve space on campus or apply to do events on campus, rent classrooms for weekly meetings, etc. The benefits of being a RSO are  are endless so re-apply on TODAY!


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