Recap of NAKland 2012

Recap of NAKland 2012

Again, Nu Alpha Kappa Fraternity Inc. put in work this year at their 12th annual NAKland Children’s Carnival. Over 750 children and their families participated and enjoyed a day dedicated just for them. Many sponsors like Jarritos and individual donors make this year’s event better than last.

This year Nu Alpha Kappa was given the “Outstanding Greek Collaboration Award” due to their collaboration with all three greek councils: IFC, Panhellenic, and USFC. Not only were Greek Life organizations involved but also Student Organizations like HBSA and CFDSO. Also a special shout-out to the student volunteers who took time out of their day to serve the community. Truly a rewarding experience, “it takes a village to raise a child” and SDSU definitely made it happen.

NAKland started in 1999 at San Diego State as a way to recruit parents and community members in low income communities to participate in the National Bone Marrow Drive, Nu Alpha Kappa’s national philanthropy. As children played, adults were giving DNA samples, in hopes to storing a future for other who are sick.

Over the years the purpose changed and became a day to celebrate “Dia de los Ninos”, a holiday dedicated to all children. Free food, toys, books, entertainments are given out and loads of funs are created. This is an annual event is held in April so if you or your student organization wants to get involved hit up your local neighborhood NAK!

Have a great rest of your week!

-Luis Martinez


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