Officer Transition Help

Officer Transition Help

            It’s that time of the year again when the old officers step down to welcome in the new officers. This part of the process is calls transition and this can be disastrous for some orgs if not properly done right. An effective transition period is very important because it maintains momentum, shares experience and insight, and the new officers come in feeling confident, knowledgeable, and productive.

            The first step for a smooth transition is to begin early in the year. Begin my encouraging potential leaders and helping them develop skills, delegating responsibility to them, sharing with them personal benefits of leadership, and clarifying job responsibilities.

As for the outgoing officers, you must create/update the transition binder throughout the year, organize your office, materials, thoughts, etc, prepare an end-of-the-year report incorporating the organizations goals, activities, and accomplishments, review constitution, by laws, written material, and goals and outline any areas needing attention or revision, orient new officers together as a group with all of the outgoing officers, introduce new officers to resources, and do not “drop off the edge of the earth” – be available for questions.

Now that we have that covered here are some guidelines for preparing a transition binder. The binder must cover all aspects of officer responsibilities and those tasks fit into the organizations big picture, recommend that the new officer file “historical” documents in the binder (meeting minutes, receipts, etc.), use the binder as a “working document” rather than something to be completed at the end of every year.

If you’re wondering what goes into a transition binder, you can put in all sorts of things. Some examples would be an introduction section, officer positions/contact, agenda and minutes, by laws, budget such as fundraising do’s and don’ts, special events, publications and newsletters, transition information, calendar, and other miscellaneous information that you find helpful for the incoming officer.

Transitioning can be a very tough time for every organization but if you follow these helpful tips, it can run smoothly and will give your organization a very successful start to every year.


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