Summer Planning for your Student Organization

As an executive officer of a Recognized Student Organization (RSO), your work is never truly done. There is always something that can be done to go above and beyond for your organization. As a new officer, especially a President, it is essential to get a head start on all the amazing things that you are going to do for your organization throughout the year! The summer is the perfect time to get that head start.

When ending the Spring semester with your new board, after going through officer transitions with the old board, you should think about planning a summer retreat for your executive officers. Letting everyone know before the semester is over that you all will be having a retreat sometime in late July or early August will allow enough time for planning and arrangements for everyone to make it.

A multiple day retreat for the executives will give time for team building, leadership development, activities planning, and even a chance to work on your organization’s calendar for the Fall semester so that you have events, community service, and socials already scheduled ahead of time. Having the retreat a few weeks prior to the start of school will give your officers time to finalize plans and be ready for the start of school.

Having Peer Leadership Consultant (PLC) Workshops at your retreat can also be very helpful as most of the workshops promote leadership development, communication development, and conflict resolutions. Using these developmental workshops early on will help your board learn how to thrive together and become leaders. Requesting a PLC workshop is as easy as filling out a short Workshop Request form in the Student Life & Leadership office and waiting for confirmation that you will have an amazing PLC to put on the workshop you requested on the date and time that you requested it!

Written by Mariah Kelly


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