Cures for Summer Boredom

Cures for Summer Boredom

As spring semester comes to an end and the stress of finals takes over our lives, the freedom of summer seems like heaven on earth. But once it arrives and the initial shock of not having a due date in sight is long gone, summertime can get kind of boring. On a college student’s budget taking the classic summer trip to a far off tropical location isn’t always realistic, so here is a list of five cost efficient ideas to fight off summertime boredom.

  1. Hit the beach! If you’re lucky enough to be staying in sunnySan Diego this summer, the beach is always there for summer fun. Whether you want to lay out and relax or get some friends together for a game of volleyball, the possibilities are pretty much endless. If you live locally and are tired of going to the same popular beaches every time, do some research and find a new beach to explore.
  2. Teach yourself how to cook. You just spent a whole school year eating mostly food from restaurants or the dining hall, branch out and learn how to make your own culinary creation. We know you have hundreds of recipes in your “Yummy Food” board on Pinterest, put them to good use!
  3. Look for a job or internship. Summertime is the perfect opportunity to focus on your future while not having to worry about school. With this option, not only are you not spending money, you’re making it instead! A summer job or internship also looks great on a resume.
  4. Take a mini-trip. Wherever you live there are sure to be cities within driving range that you have yet to discover. Take that road trip with some friends and split the cost of gas for a cheap and fun way to spend a day or two.

  5. Go to a baseball game. There is nothing like a Major League Baseball game on a summer night. Most teams (including the Padres) have college nights where college students can purchase tickets for around $10. Look online for schedules and ticket prices and go out and enjoyAmerica’s favorite pastime this summer.


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