Staying Active

     It is often said that staying active is one of the best ways to re-energize your body when you are stressed. As college students, it is normal for us to be stressed out on a regular basis, when juggling multiple activities, we’d be lying if we said stress wasn’t a normal part of our life. However, a healthy way to manage stress is to find a way to let off steam.
     Most people have found exercising to be a great way to do just that. Some of you may be saying that you don’t have time, that is a very common excuse, however not a valid one. Exercise is something that you should make time for, a great suggestion is when planning out your schedule, whether it be for the week or the semester schedule in time to exercise. Something to note about exercising is that it doesn’t have to mean three hours at the gym, it can be a 30 minute walk with your dog, or a 15 minute run on the beach, something to not only let your body work off the stress, but to let your mind be free.
     Another common misconception is that gyms are an expensive entity. This is true of some gyms, but not all. If you haven’t tried out the Aztec Recreation Center (also known as The ARC), that would be a great place to start. Students are offered a great discount, and it couldn’t be more convenient! Located on campus, between Viejas Arena, and The Parme- Payne Alumni Center. What a great way to start your day on your way to that 9:30am class.
     Not a morning person? No problem! The ARC is open 24/7 every day except Saturday and Sunday. If you find that the ARC not for you, try researching the other gyms located in San Diego. There’s an abundance of them, and they’re all fairly inexpensive and some even offer student discounts! However your exercise takes place, try and find a place and time for it. Not only will you feel better physically, but mentally as well.
Written by Jenna Heath

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