What’s Your Conflict Style?

What’s Your Conflict Style?

Conflict is a part of our everyday lives. Conflict can be healthy if treated in the right manner. Understanding your conflict style, as well as acknowledging others’ styles, is an important aspect of resolving conflict and growing from those experiences. Everyone handles conflict differently, and it is commonly reflective of their personality type. This begs the question, what is your conflict style? There are a variety of quizzes and workshops to help you figure this out! One of these quizzes can be found in the Alpha Gamma Delta magazine. Depending on your answers to a few questions, your style will be either aggressive, a push over, or a balance of the two. It even gives some tips on how to adjust your conflict style to be the best you can be.

If you want to learn more about what conflict styles and mean and how to find out your own conflict style, Student Life & Leadership offers its own workshop on conflict. Come request a workshop with the Peer Leadership Consultant Program for a more thorough presentation for your student organization today!

Written by:

Jasmin L. Jakobsen


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