Keeping in contact with your organization

It is a well known fact that most students “check out” after a few years in an organization, however it is important that you get out just as much as you put in after your collegiate time is over. Going ‘alum’ in any organization is a hard time for students. It means giving up something you’ve been a part of, it means a change in schedule, and a change in relationships. However, it doesn’t have to be that way.
While you’re still a part of your organization have a conversation with the younger members about implementing an alumni plan. Something that will stay in place long after your leave, and something that will not only help others, but help you stay connected. If you’re past this step and already in the ‘transitioning out’ phase reach out to the active members and find a way to get involved. Some let their ego get in the way in this step, and blame them not being involved because they haven’t been invited. Although this may be true, it is time to take control of your own destiny and reach out to them!
Some alumni event ideas: group outings, such as a Padres Game, RollerSkating, Bowling, etc. Also take one meeting per semester, and invite alumni to attend, to remember what they were a part of, and why they desire to stay involved. Also when doing executive transitions, reach out to alumni who served in those roles, see if they’d be willing to help with the transition process and play the role of an advisor for the organization. Alumni offer a lot to an organization, such as funding, experience, support, etc. You should never pass up the chance to have alumni as part of your organization, they’re an asset that shouldn’t be forgotten.
Written by Jenna Heath

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