Great opportunity to give back and have fun in the GORILLA CHALLENGE!

Gorilla Challenge is an Amazing Race/Fear Factor style event quickly becoming the largest outdoor pursuit experience in the nation sending hundreds of Gorillas around their city looking for clues with excitement for a chance to win awesome prizes and compete in a zany costume contest.

Beyond the adventure, Gorillas engage with local charity and community organizations through portions of the Challenge, and several of our clues are socially responsible, bringing awareness to local issues such as literacy, poverty, environmental concerns, animal welfare, senior care, and much more. We can have fun AND do something good as well. It’s a great way to relieve stress, have fun, and reward club/organization members! Student clubs can have teams of two, three, four or however many you like, and there is no set number of people per team. Gorilla Challenge is coming to San Diego on Saturday,

July 28th, and part of the proceeds will benefit Habitat for Humanity.  Our normal registration is $50 per person regardless of the size of their group, however, for student teams, we offer a sizeable discount of $18 per individual registration (with special promo code: studentgorilla).  We also have event volunteer opportunities as well.  Please visit our website for more information:


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