Maintaining Your Organizational Skills

No matter what you plan to do in your future, staying organized will always be at the forefront of your life. First and foremost find an organizational plan that works for you, whether that be having a day planner, or using your phone to dial in reminders for the day. Find what’s easiest for you now and stick with it, try not to change something that’s habitual for you.
When you’re planning out your time, try to remind yourself not to over exert yourself. As silly as it sounds, plan time for eating and sleeping or it may get compromised in the midst of everything else you’ve planned. Also make sure to take time for yourself, whether that be planning time for exercise, or a massage appointment, the easiest way to get burnt out is to over program your schedule.
When organizing your time, try to break up things by color coordinating them. Whether you’re writing in a day planner or typing on your phone, try to associate certain colors with certain activities (i.e. anything school related is in red, etc.).
Organizational skills are a key aspect in life, and will continue to help you through accomplish your goals. The best advice is to stay consistent, even over summer time keep your planner out and write in lunch dates and half marathons you’re training for! It’s the best way to keep the habit going, while you’re in the midst of less busy seasons!
Written by Jenna Heath

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