Seeking volunteers for the Mexica’yotl cultural event!

The Mexi’cayotl Indio Cultural Center


In order for our cultural weekend to be a success, we need members of our San Diego communities to take an active role in the weekend’s festivities. If you would like to volunteer and be part of this cultural event please see below the dates, times, and tasks where can lend your hand to make this year’s cultural event a success! We need the most help on the July 22!


July 21: Preparing flower arrangements

Location:  Chula Vista

Time: Noon-4:00pm


July 22:  This is the most important day! This is the day all 200 to 300 dancers, including ourselves, will be dancing atChicanoPark in Barrio Logan. We need a number of different teams to help us throughout the course of the day.

Location:ChicanoPark in BarrioLogan

Time: (1) 8:00-11:00am team, (1) Noon-4:00pm team, and (2) 4:00-8:00pm teams, for a total of 4 teams.


The 8:00-11am team will sweep the dancing space and kiosk, unload water and food from arriving cars, and help decorate the kiosk for the big event.

The Noon-4:00pm team will help distribute water and snacks to the dancers.

The 4:00-8:00 team will help clean up the park after the event has ended. Picking up leftover water containers, snacks, etc.

The other 4:00-8:00pm team will help at the dinning hall for dinner as we conclude this cultural event. This team will help setting up the food, and serving the hungry dancers. This dinner will take place at the King Chavez Academy.

If you would like to be a part of this cultural event please contact us ASAP: Enrique or Melissa Gonzalez at (619)208-5018 or (619)370-3119.  You can also reach us by e-mail at either or

We are an official 501(c) 3 not-for-profit organization. If any person needs documentation of their service we can readily provide that for you.  If you have any more questions feel free to contact us.


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