Tips for Registering for your Classes

Tips for Registering for your Classes

Registering for classes… oh the horror. If you’re a first-year, lucky you; if you’re a sophomore, good luck.

Regardless of your class grade there are a few tips that we could all use when figuring out our schedules for next year.

  1. Start early. Do not wait until the night before your registration date to figure out what classes you want to take. Spend some time a couple weeks prior to decide your potential list of classes and when they are offered
  2. Always have back ups. The chances of you getting all your classes at the desired times is pretty slim to none. It doesn’t hurt to have a few extra options just in case that 500 person lecture fills up after the 3rd day of registration.
  3. Every second counts. If your registration time is at 12:15, you better be at your computer and ready to go by 12:00. There are thousands of other students with the same exact registration time as you, and you better believe that a few of them want that Stats 119 class too.
  4. Discuss with your peers. Nothing is more telling than first hand experience. Talk with friends who have already taken the course you are looking into. Did they have a great professor who sparked their interest in the subject? Is there another course you can take to satisfy the same requirement? Take the advice given from your fellow peers; it will save your life!

Remember that registration should be an exciting process; it marks the beginning of a new classes and a brand new year. So stop stressing and start enjoying the last few weeks of break!


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