New Things to Try at SDSU!

Maybe you’re a senior here at SDSU and you think you have done it all, or maybe you’re a freshman wondering what else there is to do at this big school other than sit in Love Library and read a good book; well I’m here to tell you!
Let’s start with a personal favorite of mine: The Farmers Market! This environmentally friendly event takes place every Thursday on Camapanille Walkway. They have amazing FRESH food ranging from sushi, to jamaican food (and everything will make your tastebuds sing!).
Maybe you’re set on sticking with East Commons, but still want to try something new. How about attending a SDSU sporting event? The sky is the limit! Basketball, softball, baseball, soccer, football; whatever your sport is we have it! Perhaps watching isn’t your style? Why not play! Head to the ARC and ask about our intermural teams!
Maybe you’re interested in joining a student organization. With over 300 organizations on campus, I’m sure there is something for you and if there’s NOT, create it! With a minimum of five students you can begin your own organization on campus. Make your college experience unforgettable, and try some of these fun new options!
Written by Jenna Heath

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