What Are Your Values?

What Are Your Values?

Take a minute to think back on your semester. Did you do as well as you aimed for with academics? Maybe you accomplished some goals you had set earlier in the year? Or maybe you met new people, made some new friends, lost some others? Did you perform well at work or in your extra-curriculars? Or maybe this semester just wasn’t your best? When you look back, the biggest question is this; Are you satisfied with how things went for you? Now think about this…All of the things that didn’t go so great this semester, why not? And all of those that did go well for you, what do you think was the reason? Today, we’re going to talk about values. A lot of the reason why your year or semester went the way it did was because whether you were consciously thinking about it or not, your actions were driven by your values. So now you’re probably thinking, what are my values? Good, because now is the time to evaluate yourself and your year and the actions you’ve taken throughout this past year and most importantly, think about your values. A value is something of worth, something of high importance to you. It’s sort of a concept of drive and purpose if you will. Your values shape your priorities and your actions as well as your thoughts.

Examples of values can be anything from friends or family to concepts such as happiness or humility. They are things or standards and expectations that you hold yourself accountable to. What needs to be stressed here is that it is important to know your values and to carry them with you at all times. So what we’re proposing to you is to make yourself a values card and carry it with you wherever you go. Think about it, you have your top 5 values written on something, you always have it on you and that way you know what your values are and hold yourself accountable for them at all times. This will help you whether it comes down to making a tough decision, being faced with peer pressure, or you find yourself stuck at a crossroads, it’s as simple as taking out that values card, re-evaluating your situation and make that decision that will keep you on the right path for you. But most importantly, start now! Aim for that end goal and remember those values to get you there. Below is both a quote to keep in mind and a list of examples of values to get you thinking of what you find to be most important to you. Figure out those values and keep them close because those are what will drive you to success.

“Personal leadership is the process of keeping your vision and values before you and aligning your life to be congruent with them” – Steven Covey

Example Values:

Achievement/Success               Effectiveness                            Independence

Autonomy                                       Family                                        Productivity

Challenge                                         Growth                                      Respect

Courage                                            Integrity                                   Service

Discipline                                         Innovation                               Trust

Dependability                               Patience                                    Wisdom

Written by:     Sahar Osmani


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