Your Home Away From Home: Student Life & Leadership

The Student Life & Leadership Office (SLL) should be no stranger to any SDSU student. SLL is like a home away from home, especially for the busy student leader. The welcoming atmosphere alone serves as a calming agent for students that choose to visit the office. The staff and the student assistants are always very friendly and eager to help students with any question they may have.

SLL is your one stop shop for any information about getting involved on campus, from Greek organizations to Academic organizations, along with leadership development; they have everything you need to begin your journey of getting involved on campus which will help make the most of your college experience.

I started coming to the SLL office shortly after my participation in the Aztec CORE Leadership Retreat. I started coming because I learned how helpful the staff like Randy, Patsy, Richard, Lauren, and Allie really are. All of them were willing to meet with me and assist on ANYTHING that they could. I also like to come and just hang out on the couches in the back and chat with some other students. It allows me to meet new people and broaden my connections on campus as well. Whenever you need to use materials to make a organization poster, need to talk to a friendly listener, need advice on getting involved, or just need a place to hang out for a minute, stop by the Student Life and Leadership Office!

Written by Mariah Kelly


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