Cost Effective Activities!

 Are you a typical college student with tons of energy to spend adventuring but no money to do it? I have a solution to your problem!
  • On warm summer nights join local San Diegan’s as they watch the Grunion Run! Witness thousands of little fish swimming to the front of the tide to lay their eggs!
  • Grab some friends and head to a bon-fire friendly beach, such as Ocean Beach, Mission Beach or Pacific Beach.
  • Watch the sealions play in their natural habitat at the La Jolla Cave!
  • Head to one of San Diego’s local Farmers Market and grab some fresh fruit (try La Mesa’s Farmers Market Friday from 2:00PM- 6:00PM).
  • Take a nice hike at Cowles Mountain (a short five miles from SDSU).
  • Take a drive to Mt. Soledad and see a panoramic 360 degree view of the true beauties of San Diego.
  • Visit the Olympic Training Center in Chula Vista to see the 150 acre lakefront facility.
 As you can see there’s much more to our fine city than we ever knew, and money is not an issue in this regard! So head to Cowles Mountain, or Mt. Soledad to see something truly beautiful.
Written by Jenna Heath

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