New Year, New Set of Wheels!

You’ve registered for classes and bought all your books, what’s next? Sign up for Zipcar and give yourself the freedom to blast off campus. Zipcar is the easiest way to get around without breaking your budget. (Leaving more cash for those late night snacks.) Join today for only $25. Enter promo code BACKTOSCHOOL2012 on your application and you’ll even get $40 in free driving* to get started.

Zipcar is car sharing. It gives you the freedom to grab wheels when you want them. The cars live right on campus (just like you), they’re available 24/7/365, and gas and insurance is included with every reservation. You only have to be 18+ years old to sign up and Zipcar accepts all international licenses.

Going back to school just got a little more exciting, didn’t it? Sign up now and you could be zipping around on and off campus in no time!

See you on the road soon,

The Team at Zipcar

*Coupon expires 10/15/2012. Credit will be issued in two installments upon membership approval.


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