Amazing Job/Service/Volunteer Opportunity!

Welcome Back Students!

This is Aaron Hussmann, the CALPIRG Energy Service Corps Campus Organizer. We’re a student-directed non-profit in California and I’m writing to give you an update on us, our plans for this semester and to let you know how you can get involved!

CALPIRG’s Energy Service Corps is a joint project between the California Public Interest Research Group Foundation and AmeriCorps that works with college students to ramp up energy efficiency in California through education and service. Thanks to our partnership with AmeriCorps, we have the ability to provide some students with a scholarship in return for their service to the community, and are also looking for student volunteers as well.

Last year our student volunteers and interns educated 1,375 kids in San Diego about energy and the environment through fun lessons in local classrooms. We also gave thousands of students and local residents tips to save energy and save money, and organized community service projects to upgrade the efficiency of 400 community buildings, shelters, and homes.

This fall we are kicking off our work for an even bigger effort to

reduce energy use, on campus and in San Diego. We’re expanding our partnerships to teach 7000 kids in local schools, organize 800 community energy surveys to reach the larger community, and will organize an Alternative Energy Spring Break trip in the spring to bring energy savings and education to other communities in California.

The best way for you to learn more about these opportunities is to contact me at for more information.

Good luck preparing for the semester!


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