Volunteer for the Encuentros Leadership Conference!

The Encuentros Leadership Conference aims to provide Latino boys with the opportunity to gain the confidence to succeed in school while making positive contributions to the community.  The 9th Annual Education and Career Exploration Conference will continue to serve as an event where Latino boys from local middle and high schools can explore the educational opportunities available to them.  Additionally, the conference will afford participants the chance to communicate directly with career professionals in order to discover what it takes to achieve success in life.

We are looking for people to volunteer for this event.  In lieu of budget limitations, the objective of this conference can only be achieved with a large number of volunteers. We need individuals to assist with many aspects of the conference.  If you are available to donate a few hours of your time, it would be of great benefit to the conference and its participants.

In order to volunteer, you must fill out the 2012 Encuentros Conference Volunteer Form.  Please contact the Encuentros Volunteer Coordinator, Christopher Mutshnick via email at: cmutshnick@palomar.edu to receive the form.  You may turn in this form via email, fax (760-891-3402), or personally at the following location: 1140 W Mission Rd, TCA-1.  If you have any questions and/or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me at 760-744-1150 Ext. 2237.  Moreover, if you are interested in volunteering as a College Mentor you may also contact Joe Vasquez at 760-744-1150 Ext. 2240, jvasquez@palomar.edu.

On behalf of the Encuentros Planning Committee, I would like to thank you for your time and sincerely hope that you can help make this conference a success!


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