How to Plan an Officer Retreat

For any student organization, semester planning and goal setting are crucial aspects to a successful term. To start off any year, organizations should carefully plan and execute an officer retreat. For the best possible retreat, remember to keep the following points into consideration while planning:

  1. ALL officers should be present. Find a day and time that works for every single one of your officers, that way no information is left out or omitted from the process.
  2. Find a place that is comfortable and secluded. Your officer retreat could last anywhere from 2 to 6 hours, so make sure that it’s someplace comfortable and relaxed. (Snacks are optional, but highly recommended)
  3. The President should delegate and assign responsibilities to each of the officers PRIOR to the retreat. Each officer should come to the retreat having events, dates and announcements ready to present to the rest of the board.
  4. Designate one officer to take notes and record all announcements from the retreat. Usually the Vice President of Communications or Chaplain will be assigned this role, but in the event that your organization does not have this officer, delegate one to do so.
  5. Plan your semester calendar in order of IMPORTANCE. Rank your organizations responsibilities and priorities, then plan those that are most important FIRST, and then move on to the others.

Above all things, the officer retreat marks the beginning of a new semester so start off on a positive note! You can also utilize one or more of the leadership workshops that Student Life & Leadership offers for FREE at your retreat! For more information and to request a workshop, go to:


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