Student Affairs Month: Is it the Career for You?!


Are you a student who loves to be involved on campus? Are you passionate about student leadership and holding leadership positions in student groups and organizations? Are you interested in campus policy and being an activist for change? Do you love the culture of college and being at a university? Do you enjoy mentoring and helping other college students succeed? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you should probably look into a career in Student Affairs!

Have you ever noticed those staff that work on campus that are not professors? They might have given you career advice, worked with your Greek organization, advised your student group, helped you with financial aid or coordinated your orientation. Did you know that you could do that as a profession? There is a whole career field that allows professionals to work with college students to assist them in succeeding in their college experience; it’s called Student Affairs! Student Affairs jobs range from counseling to international services, Educational Opportunity Program (EOP) advising to multicultural services, and program coordinating to managing academic departments. Many positions on college campuses are housed within the field of Student Affairs!

So are you interested yet? October is Student Affairs Month. It is the perfect time to find out more information on how to jump start your career! (Or at least to find out more information.) One way you can get involved now is by looking at the National Association of Student Personnel Administrators, also known as NASPA! Here you can find information on the Western Regional Careers in Student Affairs (WRCSA) Day! WRCSA is a conference for students interested in pursuing a career in Student Affairs as well as a place for professionals to share new information. This was my first taste of the professional Student Affairs world when I was an undergraduate, and it completely changed my life! This year it is being held at Cal Poly Pomona and is only $25 to register until October 2 (afterwards it will be $40).

Ready for more than an introduction into the world of Student Affairs? Become a member of NASPA! You can apply to be a part of the prestigious undergraduate mentoring program: NUPF! Not to mention NASPA will be holding their annual national conference in March 2013 in Orlando, Florida. Find out more information on the conference and how to register.

Are you ready for the next step? Talk to a current Student Affairs professional. A good place to start is to select a person who holds a job position you would be interested in having. Start asking about the different areas of Student Affairs there are and how to become a professional in that field. Start researching graduate school programs. It’s never too early! Did you know that San Diego State University has its own Student Affairs Graduate Program? Most of all, talk about how you can get more involved now, and take some action steps to prepare you for entering the field.

So are you thinking about a career in Student Affairs?

Blog written by Hope Emry, Student Life & Leadership – Graduate Student Contributor


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