A New Way to Get Around: ZipCar

When you’re living on or near campus and don’t have a car it can become a hassle trying to find a ride to visit the beach or to go shopping at the mall. Even though the trolley is an awesome option for traveling around the city, if you’re looking for a little more freedom you should join ZipCar!

ZipCar is an eco-friendly option that was brought to the campus by the Green Love committee of Associated Students and allows you to rent a car right here on campus. Once you sign up for your membership, $35 for the year, you can easily reserve a car online, let yourself in with your ZimCard, and you’re on your way! On weekdays you can use the car for as low as $8 per hour and on weekends it is $9 per hour, this price includes gas and insurance!

The ZipCar program is perfect for freshmen who live in the dorms because there are ZipCars that live right in H Lot, the parking lot in the residential education community. So join ZipCar and get on the move!

You can sign up at http://www.zipcar.com/sdsu/

Do you think you might join ZipCar? Tell us about it!

Blog written by Mariah Kelly, Student Life & Leadership – Front Desk Writer


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