Thought Provoking Question of the Week (Oct. 24)

The question of the week is: What would you regret not fully doing, being, or having in your life?

Almost everyone has personal goals and aspirations they plan on achieving sometime in the future. Maybe those goals have taken a back seat and are thought of once in a while, or for some it can be driving them through life every single day. I believe having personal goals in the forefront of our minds can help drive us to be the best that we can be and achieve the most possible.

“[I would regret not] achieving the goals I have set in my own personal life. I have many goals and aspirations as the type of person that I want to become/ be. Anything short from it would be failure in my eyes.” – Sergio Camacho, SLL Student Assistant

For some, our ambitions are broad, like “being a good person” or living life to the fullest. Others have specific aspirations, like graduating from college, getting that dream job, or adopting a puppy. Sometimes we as individuals don’t have control over whether our life goals happen or not. Job responsibilities, family commitments, financial constrictions, or unforeseen life events can hold us back without asking our permission first.

“[I would regret] not being a fulltime mom.” – Anonymous SLL Staff Member

How can we cope if we reach a point in our lives that we have not fully done, been, or had what we wanted? Should we continue fighting, adjust our expectations, or focus on alternative missions all together? I believe the only time someone could fail when it comes to living up to their life aspirations is to be too afraid to try. No, we can’t always help the path that life takes us down and what we encounter along the way, but we can decide what our personal motivation is and to keep going. Sometimes that may mean we have to adjust our aspirations, but what is important, is that we have them.

Many years from now, I know I would regret not traveling and seeing the amazing beauty and cultures that the world has to offer. Yet, I know in order to achieve that aspiration I have to first meet my goal of obtaining a job that can support my family, and maybe putting on hold my goal of having children of my own.

Now it’s your turn: What would you regret not fully doing, being, or having in your life?

Blog written by Hope Emry, Student Life & Leadership – Leadership Graduate Assistant


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