Student Leader of the Week: Andrew Sewell

San Diego State University is blessed to have numerous student leaders who love to take initiative on campus. For this week’s blog, I wanted to choose someone who does active work for our SDSU community. Andrew Sewell is entering his last year here at San Diego State. As an aspiring lawyer, Andrew is majoring in Political Science with a Pre-Law emphasis and has a minor in Finance. However, it isn’t Andrew’s major that defines him on this campus. Andrew serves an as ambassador for our school, providing students with insight into our beautiful campus and the services SDSU provides.

This vast array of knowledge made him perfect for his job as a Student Assistant for Student Life & Leadership. Along with basic administrative duties, Andrew helps students with advice and provides information on how to become a recognized student organization along with receiving event approval forms. Andrew does not only demonstrate passion with leadership activities but Andrew also displays passion in academics and religion. Andrew is a member of the Pre-Law Society, an organization that provides the necessary preparation to make the transition to law school. Religion is by far the most important aspect of Andrew’s life. Andrew is continuously devoting time and effort in order to promote and familiarize his fellow Christians with the word of God. As a mentor for YoungLife, Andrew promotes guidance and knowledge to the youth of the organization and ensures a successful relationship with God. Andrew also organizes activities and discussions with the men of YoungLife in order to provide a consistently safe environment for all who seek it. Even if that was enough, Andrew is also an SDSU athlete who competes with the Ultimate Frisbee team. The team practices three nights a week and plays against universities all across the nation.

I think it is safe to say that there are not too many people on this campus who can compete with the resume and leadership experience of Andrew Sewell. It is true sadness to witness Andrew undergoing his last year here at State. There will be many open doors for fellow students to step up after Andrew leaves his legacy. His legacy as a leader at State will never be forgotten.


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