C.U.R.E. Africa: A Student Org Highlight

C.U.R.E. (Communities United Reviving East) Africa is a student-organized project that was established in order to strengthen the educational opportunities of East African communities both nationally and internationally. C.U.R.E. Africa was created on August 28, 2011 by Mohamed Ahmed and Yousef Abraham. They seek to bring awareness and educate the American population about the conditions that plague East Africa while facilitating discussions as how to develop sustainable solutions.

C.U.R.E. Africa has taken the initiative to raise awareness and funds in the larger communities of Greater San Diego, in order to bring assistance to those displaced by the famine. Their goal is to unite college students, faculty, and citizens of both professional and leisure communities, so that swift action can take place to support the victims. They advocate for those affected in the Horn of Africa and channel the voices of the millions of children who cry in silence.

Currently, C.U.R.E. Africa is working on constructing its first international project, an elementary school in Somalia. Their goal is to build sustainable solutions to help in East Africa. This school will help people pursue education and give them self-empowerment. On a local level, they are helping the youth through tutoring, mentoring, and educational workshops. They recently teamed up with the San Diego State University’s Educational Opportunity Program (EOP) and presented an EOP and Financial Aid workshop for the Somali families. They soon plan on providing high school seniors with college scholarships.

C.U.R.E. Africa is an amazing project to get involved in and if you are interested you should contact Yousef Abraham at yabraham23@yahoo.com.

This Blog was written by Mariah Kelly and Yousef Abraham.


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